Camille Krieg was born on the night of October 29, 1987. Originally from the South of France, she spends her childhood in Orange and then Montpellier before moving to Paris in 2009. Nursed by cinema and television, she very quickly wants to be in front of the camera, while acquiring an extensive knowledge of movies and tv series. A few experiences on stage, in theater classes as well as in a specialized curriculum in high school confirm this desire, with her first part in a short movie in 2005.

However she decides to put this desire aside to follow a “normal” curriculum, studies foreign languages, law, economics and marketing followed by a Master (MA/MBA) in Intercultural and International Management. The passion of acting is still there and she starts taking acting classes in October 2010 at the Studio In Ext with Pier Paolo Blanc.

Once graduated from University she has a new experience in the movie industry by integrating Pathé’s international department as International Marketing and Sales Assistant. A very rich experience passing through Cannes which allows her to know the industry from A to Z.

In August 2012, it’s the big leap, the opportunity to dedicate herself to her passion, Camille takes the plunge and becomes a full-time actress. She goes on several sets as an extra or a silhouette to gain experience, finishes her acting training in January 2013 and is chosen to play different supporting and lead roles in short movies, web-series and a feature film.

Now with a significant acting experience, Camille is looking for high-quality projects, more attracted to strong scripts and peculiar universes/atmosphere, geek included (an attraction for the Supernatural, the Fantastic and Science-Fiction which goes back to her childhood).

She likes to play a range of characters, always with accuracy. She is open to international projects as she is fluent in English (born French), and masters Spanish as well as German (at different levels)!