About Me

I was born and raised in the South of France – Orange and mostly Montpellier. The idea of being an actress started from a young age with my absolute love of stories. I was mesmerized by the stories and the other lives and universes I saw on screen and wanted to create those emotions in others too.


I took some classes as a child and teenager and did a few plays, and acted in my first short film in high school, which made me even more determined to make it my career as it just felt right. I couldn’t afford to move to Paris and to go to drama school so I enrolled in a remote university program on another subject (Languages – English and Spanish, Economics, Law and Marketing) and worked at the same time. After 3 years I moved to Paris to finish my master degree and started taking acting classes in the evening as I never forgot this dream I wanted to pursue. After my final internship and beginning of a career in international marketing I didn’t want to waste any more time not being on the path I had chosen so I decided to pursue acting full time.


At this point I had 2 years of acting evening classes behind me, a very good, intense and demanding acting training with actor and director Pier Paolo Bianco, where we worked on the organic creation of characters, emotional connection, improvisations and being present at all time when acting alone or with others; mostly based on Stanislavski and Meisner.


I started from the bottom, did a lot of background work, walk-ons, acted from the side and learned how a set worked this way.
A few months later I started acting in a few short films as lead and supporting roles, and I got cast as the title role of the feature film La Femme Aux Yeux Rouges (The Woman with Red Eyes) and as Gloria, one of the lead roles of the series Purgatoire (Purgatory), whose 4th and last season we finished shooting this year and will be released in 2022.


I continued acting in many short and medium-length films and returned to the stage when joining a stage fencing Theatre company (Estocade) in Paris with who I performed duals and short plays in many beautiful settings. I then trained in English with the brilliant American coach Jordan Beswick, mainly on using imagination to create tri-dimensional characters, something I used a lot in my work as an actress. I love acting and diving into different characters, lives, stories and think it always should be a very positive experience, even when portraying very difficult feelings and situations.


I moved to London permanently in early 2018, I love the feeling of this city and it’s a capital so rich in culture, performing arts and the film and TV industry. I also always loved acting in English. I had no place to go and no job and it felt like starting over but I pushed through and acted in a few short films here as well and much more in plays, which made me fall in love with theatre again and realize that working in both stage and screen would be great. After performing in Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and the Greek tragedy “The Trojan Women”, my next challenge is a Shakespeare play!


Alongside this I have worked in numerous day jobs to sustain my career, from doing administrative work in an archaeological company, to working in events, roadshows or for a VFX and post-production company and lately a major videogames company in localisation.


I have now quite an extensive experience on screen and a few experiences on stage, as well as a big experience of life outside of acting. I love creating and helping directors and writers bring their stories to life. I hope to continue serving great text, amazing stories and wonderful layered characters. I possess a real chameleon quality and can portray very different people, which is what I love best!