Rehearsing for LUNGS

The Fox Lady

LUNGS – December 2019


Pictures are out from our latest rehearsals for LUNGS. What a blast working with all those talented and open artists! We worked a lot more on the bond between our characters and explored them further. The shoot is approaching and we still have a bit of work to do so more news coming soon!

New Union Jack episode

Sabra / Ruth Bat-Seraph

Union Jack’s episode with Sabra is out! – December 2019


Episode 8 of the web series Union Jack is out! Titled “Right” and partially in black and white, this standalone episode sees the characters fight over the definition of right and wrong. It is also dedicated to our friend Surinder, who plays the Arabian Knight in this episode and sadly passed away a few months ago. He was a joy to work with! You can watch the episode in the link below.

Union Jack


Ruth Bat-Seraph / Sabra

UNION JACK is out! – November 2019


Union Jack is a Marvel fan series directed by Mark Garvey. The first episode premiered October 31st and a new episode is released every Thursday. I make a guest appearance as Ruth Bat-Seraph, aka Sabra, a mutant, superhuman Israeli agent.




The Fox Lady

LUNGS – November 2019


I have recently been cast in the short film Lungs directed by Adrianna Polcyn which will be shot in Spring 2020. We have already started rehearsing (see picture on the left) and it is so great being part of this amazing creative team of talented people! I had to do animal studies as part of the research on my character which was so interesting and we continue working towards the physicality of the characters. More to come soon! 

New Headshots

Camille Krieg

New Headshots – October 2019


I had a new headshot session with the brilliant John Godwin and you can see all the photos in my gallery!