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Baptiste – Series 2

Toy Shop Assistant

BBC series starring Tchéky Karyo as detective Julien Baptiste. I appeared as the Toy Shop Assistant of a lovely Parisian shop trying to help Julien Baptiste find a gift in the final episode of the series 2 of Baptiste (Episode 6).


Director: Hong Khaou

Cinematographer: Gary Shaw
Writers: Harry Williams & Jack Williams
Production:  BBC


Bella Wainwright

Short comedy taking place during a casting session, where an eccentric director and his PA (played by myself) are trying to cast the lead role of his next film. Written and directed by Julian Shaw.

Festival selections: 

Official Selection for Best Narrative Short Film, Barcelona Planet Film Festival, 2018.

Official Selection, Miami Independent Film Festival, 2018.

Official Selection for Best Fiction Short, Beer Town Film Festival, 2018.

Official Selection for Best Narrative Short, Grand Concourse Film Screening Series – New York, 2018.

Official Selection at Motion For Pictures Screening Series, NC, USA. 2018.

Official Selection, 4th Indie Capitol Awards, USA. 2018.  

Director:  Julian Shaw
Production:  Still Dreaming Films

Pour l’Amour de Valère (For the Love of Valère)


A 30-minute film by artist Karl Lakolak. The story of Antoine, a painter, who loves both his wife and his lover Valère. A narrative between life and dreams. I play Hécate, the painter’s wife and a vengeful Moon goddess in his dreams. Premiered at the LGBTQI+ film festival Chéries-Chéris in 2015 in Paris.

Director:  Karl Lakolak

Le Creux (The Hollow)


A semi-autobiographical short movie (14 minutes) written and directed by Anne Prokuratorski. Anne has mental health issues and falls into a deep depression when the man she loves doesn’t return her love. The story of her journey through life and a toxic relationship.


Director:  Anne Prokuratorski

Vicious Circle


People part of a NA group share their struggle with their past addictions and how they are slowly recovering. A short film directed by Rory Campbell. I play Michelle, an ex-addict to pills and alcohol following an attack that left her injured.

Awards: Best Film at Beacon Film Festival for Victims of Crime

Director:  Rory Campbell
Production:  Movingimage

The Goldilocks Zone

Charlotte Dell

Promo Video for Christopher Jones’ book “The Goldilocks Zone” in which I play the novel’s lead character, Charlotte Dell, an undercover operative working with MI6 on deniable operations. 

Director:  Blake Max
Production:  Saffron Thomas

She’s my Methadone (The Go Go Cult)

Glamorous Girl

A Halloween party in the 70s, a glamorous girl walks in the room and flirts with one of the guests, completely ignoring the band until… A Music Video directed by Natalie Hodgins for the British rock band The Go Go Cult and their song “She’s my Methadone”.

Director:  Natalie Hodgins

L’homme qui hurlait joyeusement (The Man who screamed Happily)



A young man who communicates mainly through happy screams is mocked and bullied by the community of the small village he lives in. I play Marthe, a young member of the community. Written and directed by Simon Feray.      

Director:  Simon Feray
Production:  ENS Louis Lumière

The Water’s Edge


A short thriller in which a young woman, Ava, is trying to escape from a man who is hunting her in the wilderness of England.

Director: Katie Deards
Production:  Saffron T Productions

Batman, the Influence of Gotham


I play Catwoman in this fan film where Batman faces Harley Quinn and Bane in an epic battle in a grim and devastated Gotham City.


Director:  Franky Thiant 

Back to Tessancourt

Young Raymonde

An old couple comes back to the manor where they met 60 years ago and seem to encounter their younger selves about to fall in love. A heartwarming short film directed by Florian Sassier-Davidson.

Director:  Florian Sassier-Davidson
Production:  EICAR International

Cage d’argent (Silver cage)

The Unknown

A man runs away from his reality and has a troubling encounter with his subconscious in the shape of a mysterious woman (played by myself). A short film by Raphaël Bluzet.

Selection: Cannes Short Film Corner 2014

Director:  Raphaël Bluzet

Protocole Zero Chronicles


The Devil and his demons walk the Earth, in order to exterminate them, the government activates the Zero Protocol – a secret unit – responsible for eliminating the creatures but also the human beings whose probability to join the Devil is strong. I play Laura in this web series by Yannick Morel, a journalist investigating mysterious sudden disappearances.


Director:  Yannick Morel