December 2013

TGSPurgatory was elected BEST WEB-SERIES 2013 at the Festival Francophone de la Web-Série at the Toulouse Game Show. A great award for a great project!! The new episode (with my appearance) is available since December 8. The Lead Actor Guillaume Ribes was also elected Best Actor, Congratulations to him!! We are very proud in the team.

Here is the pilot episode of a new web-series called “Lendemain Difficile”, a sitcom for  Telfrance Network, we need your votes here until December 12 to be noticed! You simply need to connect and press vote on the top left corner of the video.

Lendemain Difficile – Episode 1 par Zihuatanejo_Production

November 2013

La femme aux yeux rouges

I am thrilled to announce that I have been chosen to be Victoire, one of the leading role of the feature film “La Femme aux Yeux Rouges” from the Films de Victoire ! Shooting will start in September 2014 in the South of France.

Here is the video from the audition for the leading roles:

October 2013

Here is the trailer of “Cage d’argent”, a short movie by Raphaël Bluzet in which I am playing ! The movie is going in festivals so it is only available by private link, on demand.

My showreel for 2013 is available

September 2013

You will see me soon starring in the series “Purgatory”! The first two episodes are available since September 22, you can follow us on Facebook or on I play an important character whose details I cannot unveil for now…

August 2013

I make an apperance in the official video of “Heaven” by I Monster. The images come from the very beautiful short film “Je t’aime Déception” by Héloïse Haddad.