December 2014

My new showreel is available! You can see it here or in the “Video” section. It’s in French!

You can find me also on :! As well as on Nawak :

November 2014

Camille Krieg (3)

My new portfolio pictures have arrived! Discover them on the “Gallery” page.

September 2014

La femme aux yeux rouges - Scene 1944

The shooting of the feature film “La Femme aux Yeux Rouges” has started early September in the South of France (Languedoc-Roussillon)!! I play Victoire, one of the leading roles. The shooting will last one month, mostly at night, in several places in the area, a great journey! You can follow us on the Facebook page Les Films de Victoire.

July 2014Japan Expo

Purgatoire’s team was at the Japan Expo from July 2nd to July 6 in the Web District! An opportunity to meet a new audience, with conferences, and signing autographs on Nolife’s booth. Many thanks to everyone who came by our booth, it’s always nice to get people to discover the series!

June 2014

"Purgatoire": Gloria and Sam - Promotional pictures

The First season of Purgatory ended in June 2014 and we are preparing the 2nd season! A first year marked by the award of Best Web-Series 2013 at the Toulouse Game Show (Festival Francophone de la Web-série), and the broadcasting of our show on Nolife!! (Nolife is a 100% geek TV channel available on all French networks). We are very proud of this given the fact that we are a small team of passionate people, and we can’t wait to show you the second season in January 2015. The episodes of the first season are still available online, you can follow us on Facebook or on I play Gloria !

April 2014

Training LFAYR

The intensive training for La Femme aux Yeux Rouges took place in the South of France at the end of April. We had rehearsals, met the other actors, practiced a lot of sports and rehearsed fight scenes! 8 days full of emotions and physically demanding, I can’t wait to start the shoot of this amazing project, September 2nd!

TGS Springbreak

I was at the TGS Springbreak with the crew from Purgatoire, my first convention! Autographs, promotion of the show, interviews and conferences were on schedule. A great experience and nice encounters!

March 2014

Protocole Zéro

Shooting of the 3rd episode of “Protocole Zéro”, a web-series by Yannick Morel, the episode in which my character, Laura, a journalist, makes her first appearance! Soon available online.

February 2014

Le Creux

I had the lead role of the short movie “Le Creux” (The Hollow), a sensitive part and a very beautiful project by Anne Prokuratorski, now in post-production.

Purgatoire Episode 7

Purgatoire (Purgatory) is now on the TV channel Nolife!! You can watch the show every Friday evening from 7.30 pm, and you can see the episodes here : The Team is very proud!