September 2016

We have started filming “Purgatoire” (Purgatory) for Season 3! New locations, new directors, the series is renewing itself but the story is going even deeper for this new exciting season!

Henri et Thaïs

I play Thaïs in the short movie “Henri” by Daïkini Escalante, the story of an old man frightened to go out and his young neighbour whose going to help him. A beautiful project!


I shot a film called “The Theory of Topos” by Julien Page, a funny short movie about a math theory, where I played the Roman goddess Diana, who has quite a temper!

July 2016

Tour de France

I’ve been very busy the whole month of July as I worked as an actress on the Tour de France! I represented the brand Banette and we have driven all around France to propose some activities! I played the role of a Banette baker 🙂

June 2016

Comte de Monte Cristo

We have played a short version of the Count of Monte Cristo at the Château de Montgobert with the Compagnie de Plumes et d’Epées, the theater company I am part of. A play with artistic fencing duels, for a week-end paying tribute to Alexandre Dumas. I played Mercedes! A wonderful experience.

L'homme qui hurlait joyeusement

I was in the short film “L’homme qui hurlait joyeusement” (The man who screamed happily) by Simon Feray for Louis Lumière school. I play the role of Marthe, a girl from the countryside a few decades ago. The project will be available at the beginning of 2017!

April 2016

Fencing - Fontainebleau

There was a Louis XV historical reenactment at Fontainebleau’s castle in France on April 9 and 10. We played sketches and artistic fencing duels and we also introduced people to fencing in the armoury. I felt very lucky to be able to act in this beautiful place! On the picture you’re seeing I am wearing a male costume as women were not authorized to take part in a duel.

“Back to Tessancourt”, a short movie in which I play young Raymonde, in the 50s, is available online at last! It’s in French with English subtitles. You can watch it below or in the “videos” page 🙂

February 2016

Moving Parts Reading

I did a reading for Moving Parts (in English) of the play “Being, Nothingness and Shopping” by Sarah Eigerman. I played Myriam, the lead character, a great experience again!